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Reply to "Continuing Saga … Under-Construction Rick House (Bourbon Aging House) FINISHED (not on layout yet)"

Finished the rivet decals on the tower and started building the walk ways on the truss bridges. This involved the following steps:

  1. Cut the strips from a single sheet of balsa,
  2. Stain each piece
  3. Using CA, glue in each outrigger beam spaced every four ties.
  4. Glue on the outrigger beams
  5. Glue on the flooring
  6. Drill holes to accept the rail stanchions (#50)
  7. Prime and paint the stanchions
  8. Glue in the stanchion
  9. Blacken the .032 railing brass
  10. Install the rails and secure with CA
  11. Before mounting track, paint and install the bridges

 here's the Master Airscrew Balsa Stripper that I use to make the 1/4" balsa strips. My LHS didn't sell basswood strips of the right size so I chose to make my own.



Balsa Stripper

I used the Chopper with a clamped bench block to cut 60 strips. Balsa's not that strong, but there should be no load on this walkway, unless an Allegheny decides to derail on the bridge, in which case I'll have bigger problems than rebuilding the walk way.


Cutting Walkway Planks


Here's the first course of planking going on. By staining the pieces before installing, and varying the intensity it looks more natural. I'll go back and weather it a bit with some powders to give it some aging. I have "Weather It" chemical weathering solution for wood, but it didn't react much with the balsa and looked terrible. Instead I just wiped on Raw Sienna with rag and varying amounts of water to change the tone.


Walkway build 1

After I glued on all the slats, I realized I hadn't painted the rails. I had wanted to do this before walk way installation. So I masked the wood and airbrushed the rail brown. The other bridge's track was also done at this time, but without the walkway. I wanted to finish one bridge completely just to be sure that it worked the way I wanted before I made two of them.


Walkway build 2


Next session should finish this track and the next one too. Then I'm paint the bridges before installing on the layout. That will be a milestone step.


Images (4)
  • Balsa Stripper
  • Cutting Walkway Planks
  • Walkway build 1
  • Walkway build 2
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