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naveenrajan posted:

That is what I do. I just have the ESU ECoS command station that I use to run the MTH PS3 locomotives. I liked ESU because I only needed 1 device, the command station. At the time I was shopping for new DCC systems, the high-end choices from other more –popular systems like Digitrax & NCE, had multiple devices, you needed to purchase, like a separate power supply, separate throttle & more separate devices if you wanted wireless, which I didn’t need, since I didn’t have a permanent layout. ECoS had everything I needed in running a DCC equipped locomotive, right out of the box.

But I assume you are looking at DCC or Loksound to get some custom sound files that MTH doesn’t currently provide. I have never done any DCC installation but I am interested in learning more about this project & I will be following this topic.

Also, I always assumed that you were into 3-rail, scale trains. Are you considering DCC because you are switching to 2-rail?

These are just my opinion,



Hi Naveen:

Thanks for responding.  I am not making a switch to 2 rail, I am just enthralled with the LokSound files and wanted to trains that use them.  I happen to have 3 locomotives that would be good candidates for LokSound decoders.  Like I said in my OP, it is absurd to add another command system to a layout just for better sounding locomotives, and I can't really afford to do it right now anyway.  However, I wanted to gather some info on the ESU system from someone who used it.

Where did you end up purchasing your ECoS?

OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653