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That is what I do. I just have the ESU ECoS command station that I use to run the MTH PS3 locomotives. I liked ESU because I only needed 1 device, the command station. At the time I was shopping for new DCC systems, the high-end choices from other more –popular systems like Digitrax & NCE, had multiple devices, you needed to purchase, like a separate power supply, separate throttle & more separate devices if you wanted wireless, which I didn’t need, since I didn’t have a permanent layout. ECoS had everything I needed in running a DCC equipped locomotive, right out of the box.

But I assume you are looking at DCC or Loksound to get some custom sound files that MTH doesn’t currently provide. I have never done any DCC installation but I am interested in learning more about this project & I will be following this topic.

Also, I always assumed that you were into 3-rail, scale trains. Are you considering DCC because you are switching to 2-rail?

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Hi Naveen:

Thanks for responding.  I am not making a switch to 2 rail, I am just enthralled with the LokSound files and wanted to trains that use them.  I happen to have 3 locomotives that would be good candidates for LokSound decoders.  Like I said in my OP, it is absurd to add another command system to a layout just for better sounding locomotives, and I can't really afford to do it right now anyway.  However, I wanted to gather some info on the ESU system from someone who used it.

Where did you end up purchasing your ECoS?

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