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Pantenary posted:

Hi Naveen:

Thanks for responding.  I am not making a switch to 2 rail, I am just enthralled with the LokSound files and wanted to trains that use them.  I happen to have 3 locomotives that would be good candidates for LokSound decoders.  Like I said in my OP, it is absurd to add another command system to a layout just for better sounding locomotives, and I can't really afford to do it right now anyway.  However, I wanted to gather some info on the ESU system from someone who used it.

Where did you end up purchasing your ECoS?

I got my ECoS from Eurolokshop ( & I highly recommend them. 2 years ago, when I bought mine, they had it for the lowest price. Apparently, they drop-shipped it to the customer directly from ESU’s US facility & were able to offer it at least $50 cheaper than the next online merchant. I used to buy models of European trains from them when I dabbled in HO-Scale & always had positive shopping experiences with them.

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