Good afternoon Dave:

Thank you for responding.  I know that Google is (and has) been my friend, but sometimes it is nice to hear from actual warm bodies about their direct experience as well.  I believe I have adequate skill to install DCC in locomotives, (most days anyway).  I also joined the ESU forum; it seems that there would be no better information than from those who make/use all their products.  There isn't anyone around who has a LP, and I would not want to have to rely on anyone else's equipment anyway.

Your response above raises a few other questions.

1.  Which MTH locomotive did you convert?  Morbid curiosity.

2.  Did you use the stock MTH speaker(s) or add new one(s)?

3.  Did you use the MTH-supplied lighting or add you own, (not knowing the locomotive in question)?

4.  Digitrax used to be my nemesis when I was in HO.  Are you happy with their system?  (Obviously you have to be at least somewhat content with Digitrax or you would not have it.  The point of the question is if you would get it again if you had the choice, or look elsewhere).


Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.

--Nate Murry

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