Hi Double L Allan,

Nice to meet another Allan.  One L Alan has done a fantastic job getting me set up.

Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome.  I also need to write copy for the dealer listing in the back of the magazine and figure out some text for the magazine AD.  I have already become more involved in the train community thanks to your great Forum and publication.  I look forward to a great New Year of participation.  I have recently lowered my prices across the board on my online site to make what can be an expensive hobby more affordable and I want to get that message across to the other train guys and gals that are working hard to make and improve nice layouts, and with your help perhaps I can make that happen.

I love the hobby and business as it lets me simultaneously work, have fun and take care of my wife simultaneously.

I look forward to sharing my layout in the magazine both in pictures and words.  Al Judy and I documented the entire layout building process and I learned a lot in the process which I am happy to share.  We wrote some article text early on in the hopes of publication since Al had done some publishing with you previously as in the case with my buddy Sam Pennise who live near me and has a great ON30 layout. 

Thanks for reaching out.

Best Regards,


Mike Brooks

OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653