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Reply to "CSX 66' Greenbrier Gondola- Lionel- 2 Railed"

jdunn posted:


While you are on the thread and your knowledge of modern equipment, I was told that CSX was the only railroad to have these Greenbrier gondolas but another poster says UP.

Could you shed some light on this 66' car in regards to the RR's (not leasing companies) that owned this car?



Other railroads have them.  The reference to CSX had to do with which paint schemes and road numbers Lionel  put on their cars.  If you look back at one the original threads on the cars, there is a discussion about which schemes are correct.  If I recall correctly, the CSX and UP schemes were correct for Greenbrier/Gunderson cars with the numbers offered.  The CNW and BNSF have similar cars from other manufacurers.  In the case of BNSF, they do have the Greenbrier cars but they are in black with the swoosh logo.  They are a fairly modern car, I think built circa 2005, so there are a limited number of class 1 railroad schemes the Lionel cars would be appropriate for, plus lessor companies and shortlines.

I believe Lionel responded to earlier threads and said that the non-prototypical schemes were a concession to the economic practicalities of model train manufacturing, which makes perfect sense to me.

As to the road names offered in the next run, I know that NS has new Greenbrier cars but in the 52' length.  I see them regularly in steel service.  I can't speak to whether they have any of the 66' length cars.  The black  BNSF car looks accurate, although I haven't checked the number.  And I have no idea about the shortline roads offered.


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