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Reply to "Current O-gauge equipment guide?"

As Chuck pointed out, a comprehensive list of O scale trains is the Holy Grail.

Here are links to sources for the major O gauge manufacturers:

3rd Rail: Catalogs from 2004-2008 and 2011 and 2017 are online.

Atlas:  The web site has an all scales Archive that can be browsed or searched.

K-line:  Catalogs 1999-2005 and a searchable database of products are preserved at

MTH:  Their Product Locator is searchable database of all MTH products past and current.  It has advanced search features.  Also Catalogs from 1993 to present are on their web site (for now) .  A few years ago there was a vendor at York in White Hall who sold a CD with a complete inventory of MTH products.  I imagine he scraped the data off of MTH's website.  If anyone has knowledge of this product, please post.

Lionel:  Similar to MTH, they have an Archived Products searchable database.  It uses a very basic "dumb" search.    Be sure to check the Products tab and the Archives tab in the results. Catalogs from 2011 to present are online (2011-2013 are Flash pages - see below).  Here are Catalog Indexes for 2000-2014 where you can quickly scan all the SKUs and product names in individual catalogs. They are accessed by the links labeled "view as HTML" below the catalog names.  The SKU/Names link to each product page.  Many of the Catalogs linked from that page are Flash, so they no longer work.

Addendum: Since Flash no longer works, here are some PDF versions of Lionel Catalogs courtesy of M.H.M. (posting from another thread):

Here are the direct links (no Adobe Flash) to the major, twice-a-year Lionel catalogs, in PDF form, from 2009 - present:

2009 Signature

2009 Volume 2

2010 Signature

2010 Volume 2

2011 Signature

2011 Volume 2

2012 Signature

2012 Volume 2

2013 Signature

2013 Volume 2

2014 Signature

2014 Volume 2

2015 Signature

2015 Volume 2

2016 Signature

2016 Volume 2

2017 Signature

2017 Volume 2

2018 Big Book

2018 Volume 2

2019 Big Book

2019 Volume 2

2020 Big Book

2020 Volume 2

2021 Big Book

Weaver:  Fortunately The Internet Wayback Machine ( never forgets.  I have attached 2 spreadsheets  below that Weaver provided documenting its product history:  Ultra Line Production.xls lists 500 Weaver Locomotives and passenger cars (no freight) and Gold Edition.xls lists over 1800 pieces of rolling stock.

Here are links to 11 years of Weaver catalogs from (be patient - they load slowly):

  Spring 2004  Fall 2004  Spring 2005  Fall 2005   Spring 2006  Fall 2006  Spring 2007  Fall 2007  Spring 2008 Fall 2008  2009  Fall 2009  Spring 2010  Fall 2010   Spring 2011  Fall 2011  Spring 2012 (attachment)  Fall 2012 (attachment) Spring 2013 Fall 2013  Fall 2014

Williams:  Williams by Bachmann catalogs from 2008 to present as well as a few older Williams catalogs are online.   Also the Parts pages lists most locomotives and some passenger cars and boxcars.

My son (who is a programmer) showed me how in about 30 minutes, he could scrape all the product data from a few of these model train web sites.  Others, notably Lionel, are much more difficult.  I have thought about compiling this "Holy Grail" master list, but there are unresolved issues such as ownership of the data and cost and logistics of making it available to other hobbyists.

Bob Glorioso


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