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Reply to "Curved Switches (Turnouts)?"

I'll have to download SCARM...again.

I did freehand what the current plan looks like, not to scale but close enough to show what is currently there.  49.5" radius on the single mainline and 40.5" radius on the inner track, #5 switches throughout:

using curved switches20210725_10354558

The blue is the outer edge of the layout, the black is the current track location, the circle is my problem area.

I need to lengthen the problem area, otherwise I have to leave part of the train on the mainline when switching the Portsmouth Lumber Yard (lower spur), the Seaboard Team Track (upper spur) isn't an issue.

Looking at it further, I think a single righthand curved switch is what I need, located at the end of the switch for the Team Track.

I wanted to base my layout on the Seaboard Portsmouth Sub-Division, this is VERY, VERY loosely based on that (and I mean very!).  It was dark territory, using train orders I believe with only a couple of trains each day.  Being I'm the sole operator and run only 1 train at a time, leaving cars on the mainline is all good in my mind (it is my RR after all), but I would like to be a little more prototypical in operating the layout, that's why I want to put a curved switch in place.

It wouldn't HAVE to be placed at the end of the Team Track switch, but that would give me the maximum length in that circled area.


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  • using curved switches20210725_10354558
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