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Moonman posted:
Kelpieflyer posted:

He has both the track and the switches.  We may use Gargraves for the track, but will definately use the Marx switches so his engines with the wide gear wheels will clear the switch in both directions.  He does not have an engine house yet.  Probably will look for one that will work.

I asked because I have some SCARM engine houses made to correct size and also use RR-Track that has many buildings already made. That could assist in fitment.

The area that looks the best is from 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock when looking at the 2D track plan. There's space to rearrange things a little and squeeze in a small

engine service are with a train shed.

I'll fiddle a little with it and see what I can do. Are you looking for a steamer type with the raised center roof section that ventilated the exhaust  or a diesel type with a flat roof?

I think he wold want one that could be used for both, so probably a steam engine house.

Wonder if I should use a bridge that disconnects completely from the layout, or one that hinges up completely so he can get through.  He really wants to keep the around the wall layout.

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