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Reply to "Video of Dave & Ryan's 2020 Flyer catalog review now up on the American Flyer Facebook page"

Bob Bubeck posted:
Roundhouse Bill posted:

Planning to wait until there is an advanced development sample of the Legacy Berk to view. 

Bob, In the video they said production was going to be very close to the number of engines preordered.  Are you not going to order unless you see the advanced development sample?  You might miss out.

Bill, I hope that you are not working the usual scare tactic behind BTO.

One can not see much of the sample in the video. Future closeups of a developmental sample are promised in the video and hopefully they are presented before an ordering deadline. Based upon previous experience, I would prefer to know with some specificity the nature of the product that they are actually going to deliver. Once bitten, twice shy.


Well, at least we can see the Berk now has freestanding handrails, and not molded on.  I'm expecting the detail to live up to the cad drawings Dave posted earlier.

Hopefully, they will post some pictures of the engineering sample this week.  (And in a separate, new thread.)  Doing so just might result in the outrageous concept of increasing pre-orders...


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