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DCS app for Apple devices - solved iOS 14.6 will work and the app will live another day

Note that this does not apply to Android devices.

Occasionally I have posted comments about the functionality of the DCS app with the various upgrades of iOS.

Up through iOS 14.5 the app has been stable and continued to work as expected. I recently downloaded iOS 14.6 beta 3 and decided to checkout the app with this new version. After a few days of trying all of the tips and tricks that people, including myself, have posted, the app will not function.

What lead to this:

  • I downloaded this new beta version to both my iPhone 12 and my iPad. When I decided to try it out with the DCS app I found that the phone could not find the TIU. This has become a common problem and there are some workarounds to fix it. The iPad did not have a problem and is still functioning. All attempts to find the TIU failed. I pulled out an old iPhone 6 and allowed it to update it’s iOS. Because of it’s age, it would only load iOS 10. I downloaded the app and installed it with no problem.
  • Back to the iPhone with 14.6 I noticed, on maybe my twelve attempt to load the app, that a step was missing. After installing the app and connecting to MTH WiFi, the program asks whether you are using an Explorer or TIU. After you checked TIU, the program then asks you to select the TIU (even if you only have one). This step is now missing. The app proceeds as if everything is fine but, when you use it, it tells you that no TIU is present.

I will continue trying to find something that might work and, perhaps, someone else with iOS 14.6 will find an answer.

In the meantime, if you are using your active Apple device to control your trains I suggest that you go into settings and turn off automatic updates, once you reach iOS 14.5.

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