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Reply to "DCS upgrades at York Spring 2020"

Dave Hikel posted:

Hi all,

There will be a DCS User Group Dinner in October, but not in April.  The information in the TCA packet is out of date.

For those looking to have their DCS firmware updated, you can come see me during the meet.  I'll be in the Ross Custom Switches both in the Orange Hall most of the time.  I'd be happy to upgrade anybody's DCS hardware for free.

We had a very nice turnout at the last DCS User Group Dinner back in April.  This was my first time MC'ing the Dinner and our first time at a new location, the Eagle's Nest Restaurant.  Details for next October have not been finalized.  Since York is back to only two days (Friday and Saturday), we will likely be changing the meeting time from Wednesday evening to Thursday.  I will announce the schedule and other details on the DCS Forum in early September.


Well, I guess that means I can cancel the vacation day I scheduled for Thursday, then.  How nice that the information in the meeting notice is not correct...

Dave, I'll look for you to see about an upgrade.  Do I need to bring anything besides the TIU and the remote?  I think my TIU is the original release, as there are no Rev markings at all. 

I think I have all the other bits and pieces necessary except for the serial to USB adapter, but I can easily acquire one of those - can you recommend one?  I see where MTH links to an FTDI UC232R-10?

I already have:

   RS 232 cable

   STEREO mini-to-mini 1/8” audio cable

   Radio Shack 273-1890 18/24V transformer (I think this is the right thing for the Aux Power Input?  Or I could easily bring my Z1000 transformer brick)

   4-conductor handset cord


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