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Reply to "Deep Pour Resin for lakes, streams and rivers"

I forgot to mention the waterfall and how I created the falling water. Pretty easy actually. One of the tools in my modeling kit is a non stick cookie sheet, a must for many modeling tasks.  Obviously I measured the distance from the top of the waterfall to the pond below and the width is about 3". I was going to use Woodland Scenics(WS) Water Effects PN C1212, but I may have gotten a bad batch or old stock, it wouldn't dry completely clear and it was satin when dry. So I went to Homey Depot and purchased a tube of clear silicon OSI QUAD MAX. It is paintable with latex paints, and Testors modeling paint works too. It also has the shiny quality that water has.

I applied silicon in 1/8" thick beads side by side 3" wide and 10" long on the non stick cookie sheet. I used a plastic fork to work length wise pulling it down and side to side to create the moving water (apologies, I forgot to take photos of this process). Let it completely dry for around 24 hours. Yes, we spend a lot of time waiting for stuff to dry in this hobby! Back at the pond I used WS Water Waves PN CW4516 to create the waves were the waterfall hits the pond surface and let dry for 24 hours. Once all was cured, I peeled the falling water from the cookie sheet. I adhered the top of the waterfall to the rock with the more of the silicon, and at the pond I used the Water Waves to adhere it. I let it cure one again for 24 hours. I used testers white paint for the white water in the waterfall and white caps in the pond. I think it came out pretty much as I was expecting, let me know what you think.

FYI - My layout is stand alone as it is not connected to the house. I need to be able to pull it out from the bay window to work on it. There are soft felt skids on the bottom of all the vertical supports so it moves easily by one person, being me! In case anybody was wondering.


Images (3)
  • Unfinished corner: Before
  • Waterfall and Pond: After
  • Santa Fe workers and truck: The Menard's truck has lights and lights up the waterfall at night
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