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Reply to "Did "real" Trolleys ever pull flatcars or..?"

If "Trolley" = "Interurban" (both having rails under the wire), then, yes.  Interurban lines, basically heavy duty versions of the downtown people-movers, definitely hauled freight.  I'm not an expert in this corner of raildom, however, and most of the photos of such freight traffic I've seen were pulled by 'motors'...powered units...designed for freight hauling or carrying baggage/freight within themselves.  

Prototype for a 2-axle Birney (Lionel 60) hauling freight....a flatcar...?   Can't say I've seen or heard of that specifically.  Maybe something MOW-ish, but scheduled?....not in my memory.

OTOH, found this just now on a surf-search...

trolley hauly link

Traction-philes?....what say ye?


Edit 02AU20:  Just noticed in my linked photo....based on the trolley pole's position, I would say that the power unit was pushing those 2-axle cars at the time of the photo....whereas the OP was looking for verification of a pull.  Subtle, I know.  FWIW, of course.....


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