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Reply to "Did "real" Trolleys ever pull flatcars or..?"

@DanssuperO posted:

Ok but was it a regular trolley that was gutted and refitted with a bigger  electric motor and did not have room or wanted passengers in it ..thanks! daniel

The electric traction motors are mounted in the trucks.  A diesel or gas conversion would definitely replace or remove seating capacity, but that wouldn't necessarily make it an effective freight motor.

Let's be clear about one thing:  Street railway equipment is smaller, lower, lighter and do not have "steam road" brake or coupler capability.

Even if there was some way to secure a standard freight car to a street trolley, there would have to be a brakeman riding the car, otherwise the coupler would likely punch its way through the street railway trolley's rear end when stopping. (Assuming the traction motors didn't burn up trying to haul something it wasn't designed for.)

Systems like Illinois Terminal operated both light street railway type equipment, heavy passenger interurban equipment and freight motors compatible with steam road equipment.   Heck, the IT even had some 0-8-0's...


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