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Reply to "Did "real" Trolleys ever pull flatcars or..?"

In the same series of photos whence my "Trolley Hauly Link" came from  (above), was this one...

Trolley Folly Link

Appears to be some sort of excursion event.  Unless my eyes deceive, I see one (1) power pole to the wire on that front-end Birney-looking unit, but the following NINE () fully loaded cars seem to be all connected to that front-end unit.

I'd say that's a hauler for sure!  

Brakeman on the rear?   Who knows?

Stopping mode for the whole shebang?   Maybe everyone seated on the outside of the nine cars had to drag their feet in the ballast (?) upon some signal...flag...banner...bugle call.....whatever...from the power car?

Deemed so wrong in so many ways by today's standards, regulations, laws, ethics, yada, yada, yada.....the whole simplicity and apparent enjoyment in this photo...fancy dress and all....makes me rather envious.

"Special" (sign on the front), indeed!

How about you?


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