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sidehack posted:

 Don't know if they are the same as mine but I had the problem, my engines were just sitting for several years. Found the couplers had desintegrated and fell off, the 2 rear on the A units and both on the B

The were non operating. I reverse engineered them but added reinforcement.  I decided to use PETG filament which is pretty strong and 3D print them. They worked and tested them under some heavy loads and no problem so far.

They do not have the centering springs anymore but it does't matter to me as long as they can pull and don't fall apart or come uncoupled.

I've been in contact with Atlas about these, they say you can get them but have to by an assembly, but I don't need any more problems, 

I can give you the STL files that I made to 3D print them. if you don't have access to a printer and want them we could arrange something else.


IMG_8382closIMG_8384Atlas Dummy Coupling_5Redesign_2

Great job! I’m impressed...

I do have a printer and I’m test printing these today, we’ll see how it goes.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have to use Kadee 743s on these, but it’ll be close to the Lionel work that we did a few years ago.

Here’s the test print from the Lionel F unit Kadee mounts.




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