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Reply to "Do you stray from your favorite brand?"

TN posted:
rthomps posted:
c.sam posted:

Scale only and brand is of little concern. I gather that there are quite a few out there who 'avoid MTH' because of DCS. DCS is terrific and when you consider the features that were available almost 20years ago with it, it's amazing that you've held out so long! Heck, it took Lionel quite a few years with  Legacy to 'sort of catch up' ...

Remember that it took MTH years to "catch up" with Lionel's TMCC preferring instead to sell an incredibly miserable PS system.  

Funny, that's not how I remember the PS 1 days.

I thought PS 1 was great, it was designed to work with the transformers that we all had at the time.

I didn't have to buy anything extra, my KW and ZW worked great and they had very good sound especially the articulated locos and let's not forget all the new tooling MTH was doing back then.




Yep.  The new tooling was great.  Gave a variety to the hobby that we had not seen before.


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