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Don Merz 070317 posted:

For me, the control system is the thing. I want PS-3 but can't usually afford it. So I buy used PS-2 and used TMCC. The layout is not set up for conventional so I don't buy any conventional or PS-1. Of course anything can be upgraded to PS-3 for $175. So if you can get a loco cheap enough, buying PS-1 or conventional still works. But usually they are not priced to allow for the upgrade to be added and still get your money back if you ever sell it. 

I wish MTH would open-source their DCS or Lionel would do the same for legacy. That would really blow the market wide open. But that is sheer fantasy. It will never happen. 


That wouldn't stop me from spending more money on something than it's worth.  

But then again, my main mantra in life overall has been "buy high, and sell low".  




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high in either case.

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