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Its been a while while since I posted because Ive been working on other things too. I picked this back up again and built the canopy over the side door. Not being a styrene artist, this was a little bit of experimentation. 

The canopy is styled after many common Greyhound station canopies with curved corners. The base is solid styrene, 4 .080" sheets stacked together. In the middle 2, I cut slots for 3/16 tubes so I could mount it to the building with more than just glue. The mathematicians in the audience will notice that 3/16 is larger than 2 .080 sheets, but MEK works wonders for making plastic a little squishy. It took a small bit of sanding to get the tubes to be totally flush. Once I had the 4 sheets stacked together, I made some rough cuts for the curves with a zona saw then just sanded it into a curve. 


Then I started building up the trim. Tile is common, so tile was used.  I did it in a few segments, as wrapping the tiles around the curves was making the styrene sheet snap at the thin spots between the tiles. This was about the point that I drilled some holes in the side of the building and mocked it up. 


The trim is a band of .125x.030 with a .080 square on top of it. The .080 took a hairdryer to wrap around the edges and not snap in half when the solvent was applied. I threw away 4 or 5 rods of it before I finally got it right. 


Some masking and painting and it came together. 

The rods I put in the middle to hold it onto the building were on purpose so I could put lights underneath and hide the wires. I drilled 2 holes into the bottom surface and threaded some Woodland Scenics Just plug LEDs through the canopy. I had to cut the molex plugs off the wires, After it was glued on, I resoldered the wires back together. 



I also ended up taking out the window glass and putting in new sheets. As I said above, the originals fogged up from the super glue I used to glue in the inserts. I tried to polish it out but ended up just burning the thin sheets of clear stuff.  I used canopy glue so it wasnt too big of a deal to get it out. 

All done for now with the exterior. Now to figure out how to make an interior and hide all the wiring. (The roof isnt glued on, its also curled a bit as its been sitting there... need to put some braces on the bottom of it).



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