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Reply to "DZ-2500 Power Supply"

@Junior posted:

Joe, GRJ.....

Your post started me thinking (do you smell smoke? ).

My layout is split up into power districts and uses 4 PW ZWs to power those districts.

I recently swapped out the 4 thermal circuit breakers with 8A magnetic circuit breakers. I also have installed TVS diodes on the TIU outputs and at each location where the power splits off to each of the power districts.

The 4 PW ZWs are plugged into a switched power strip. That way I can turn every thing on using a single switch.

Anyway.....I experienced 2 situations where when I turn the power on at the power strip, 1 or 2 of the circuit breakers would trip (this never happened with the thermal circuit breakers...not fast acting enough?). And, the breakers that tripped where not the same breakers. I reset the breakers and everything runs shorts.

I'm wondering if the ZWs I'm using are producing a voltage spike when powered on and never knew it?

If that's true, what can be done to minimize the risk (I have enough electronics knowledge to get me in trouble )?

Whadya think?

Which model magnetic breakers are you using?

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