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Reply to "E-mail from Midge Wilburn in MTH Parts"


You are a gem.

One of the absolute best moments while attending the ASC seminar in July/August 2018 was finally meeting you there in person after years of parts-related phone calls. Thank you for going above and beyond every time I called in for a parts order. You took every call and email with great care, like a personal friend. My video production in 2017 wouldn’t have been half of the success that it was without your amazing help, along with Jason Wenzel. I’m grateful I got to fly out from the West coast to meet you both. You’re already missed, a great deal.

We would be close to nowhere in this hobby without your enormous patience, compassion, and contribution. May you and yours be well, and safe, and happy always in every day ahead.

Best regards,

Daniel Carbone

MTH Authorized Service Center Technician

(Orange County, CA)


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