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Reply to "Early MTH PS3 whistle blows and headlight blinks when started up in conventional"

Well...? I don't know where the techs are...

I would not power it up again. The amp draw is way too high. Something is wrong. Maybe the relay is stuck or something like that. You need a service tech now. At the least, a wire is touching?

Yep .......I totally agree with Joe on not powering up that Daylight again .😨 7 -7.5  amps , flashing headlight  , horn blasting and buzzing engine  ,yikes.

Was this engine new and first time started up on conventional  ? .......or have you had the engine for awhile and running on command with no problem before this happened ?

Beautiful engine , I would hate to see it self destructing.

@Jon G posted:

You have a pinched wire somewhere.  The board can take a short overcurrent, otherwise you will let the magic smoke out and fry the board and wiring.


Things will only get more expensive if you keep running without a positive repair!

110 ft. main line - I sure hope you wired the main line in a 'star' configuration.  Your best bet is to get the locomotive to a certified MTH tech.  Sounds like you are all thumbs when you take it apart.  That locomotive is too expensive to do  self repairs.


@Alan Mancus posted:

I guess you don't care if you burn up your engine boards and or harness which would almost be the cost of a new engine JUST B ECAUSE YOU KEEP STARTING  IT UP!!

when you were warned by several MTh tech's to stop before the smoke fly's !


Hey Matt ,       I know you keep trying to make sense of the Daylight's issue.    I too sometimes feel the same insane urges of fighting with some problem without the necessary equipment to resolve an issue.    Remember...... one of the signs of insanity is expecting to get results from doing something over and over and over and not achieving your goal for some reason πŸ™ƒπŸ˜©.

It can be frustrating ...... but......releasing the Daylight to the experience and knowledge of these techs with their repairs can be a big  positive thing .    How great it would be to see that frustration end and that engine performing as great as it looks.    Good luck Matt.

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