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Edgewood Railroad - Looking for feedback on my basement storage layout!

I need some feedback and a second pair of eyes on this layout I am planning! I have a layout that is full FasTrack and I am making the switch.

Looking to incorporate a lot. I have a pretty set space in an unfinished basement. The yard is under the stairs. Dark grey rectangle and circle are HVAC and water heater.

Using Gargraves/Ross

Min curve on the outside main is O72 

Min curve on the inside main and elevated track is O56

Track colors - Dark green is at 0"-2". Lighter mint green is grade. White is at 10". 


Let me know what you think!


Edgewood Railroad - Track Plan

Edgewood Railroad - 3D


Images (2)
  • Edgewood Railroad - Track Plan
  • Edgewood Railroad - 3D
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