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@mwb posted:

Here's one of my prizes from the Strasburg show several years ago; scratchbuilt from produce or lubricant can brass; remains of the label are on the inside.  After cleaning, tidying up the wiring, and straightening the poles, it runs nicely.

Warrior River Railway,eh? I have two boxcars lettered for the Rat River Railway; I can think of some interesting merger names!

Anyway, on to the real reason for this post. TBill Robbins built this box motor out of metal oil cans (remember them?) many years ago, the other side (no photos) is not painted and the brand of the oil (Esso? on this one) is visible:


Here are two more of his creations; he did build with an assembly-line method; the box motor is mine, a friend owns the combine and somewhere I have a matching coach:


One final comment; whatever brand of oil can that Bill used for the white box motor was what he used for all of his many builds.


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