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Reply to "Electrics!"

What a genuine treasure trove!  I need to go back and study those.

On the Kohs truck - I concede, but also offer that there are lots of add-ons for the Wolfer truck, including slack adjusters, speed cables, and the like.  I doubt those three springs are there, though, and these puppies are substantial, unlike a totally accurate hollow casting.   If we scale things down exactly, we wind up with beautiful, delicate, and very fragile models.  Case in point: say a box car has 1/8" steel plate siding.  1/8" in 1/4" scale is less than .003" - thinner than tin foil.

That, of course, is the problem with truly accurate locomotive beds, especially the cast type.  I use 1/4"x 5/8" brass bar, which is way more than twice the size of a truly scaled down frame.  But again, I concede.

Back to GG1s:

GG1 003GG1 002

Top is what I believe to be a "Baldwin" GG1.  I finished and painted it, but it is essentially the actual kit, except for the pans.

Lower is a bronze Duddy casting, mounted on Wolfer trucks, again without the supplied slack adjusters and speed cables.  Pans are imports, which are a lot better looking than the lost wax kind on "Baldwin" up there.

For Martin, the larger pans are roughly 4" when retracted.  I have a spare set of smaller ones, which I still need to measure - I think they are under 3 1/2"


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  • GG1 003
  • GG1 002
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