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Electro Couplers not opening

I have two different rear Electro couplers on different legacy engines with similar problems - they won’t open, one is worse than the other. (All track is Fastrack.)
My AC6000 6-84852 UP #7566 has an intermittent issue with the rear coupler but my C44-9W 1933271 UP #9700 will not open at all via my Cab 2.

Both make the noise when I hit the remote and it does not matter where the locomotive is on the track - the non-opening problems persist!. Voltage varies from ~16.5 at the farthest reaches of the layout to 18 right on top of the Fastrack terminal piece but it makes no difference where I try to fire the couplers, pulling a consist or not, no go!

(I’m also in the process of running power jumpers to get the voltage the same all around the layout.)

I've searched the forum and it seems like a more common issue is couplers opening unwanted. My problem is the opposite.

So - should I replace the couplers or am I missing something? Do you think lube like a drop of light oil or even WD40 would help?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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