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Reply to "Ericstrain's Lionel Legacy H10 Review"

JohnB posted:

I just got done watching Eric's review of Lionel's Legacy H10 which I enjoyed.


I do not remember seeing this review on the forum. Also I noticed at the end of the video there is no shout out to the O Gauge Forum that was a standard on the closing of his video's for quite some time. Did anything change on Eric's status on the forum?

Eric said the H10 was a amazing engine to which I, as a owner of the Pennsylvania Lines #7109 H10, agree completely. One thing he did not mention on the review was that certain road names came with the CC2 tender instead of the E6 tender used on the Pennsylvania engines. I just think the H10s with the CC2 tender move this engine up at least one more step. What comes after amazing?





Great review!  But a couple of comments:

- "Reading" is pronounced "rEH-Dihng" (the mention was in the other road names section, specifically Philadelphia and Reading

- Why would an engine of this vintage have tower com and crew talk?  The cab was not equipped with a radio.  Notice the N5 caboose at the end with the train phone antenna.


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