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Reply to "EZ Streets measurement and track plan"

@Brad Trout posted:

Today I bought my SuperStreets at Nicholas Smith Toys.  They have the old SuperStreets on sale and I was able to put together my loop with D-16 curves.  They also had a kit to convert a loop to a figure 8 so I went ahead and bought that to add more interest to the layout.  They only had Bachmann Straight to Curve pieces which I bought, color difference and all.  They also only had Bachmann vehicles and I bought at taxi.

It runs OK, much like an old time conventional locomotive.  The main problem I'm experienceing is that it frequently "derails" when crossing the intersection (or crossover).

Anyone have any experience with this?  Any known fixes?

Thanks in advance,


I don't have any experience with the crossover, but I do have experience with the "Y" used in the dog bone and the EZ street taxi.  I had frequent derailments when the taxi entered the "Y".  The taxi front wheel was hitting the "points".  Bad design in my option.  I fashioned a shim out of spare Super Streets rail and glued it to the track providing a gradual lead-in to the "Y" points.   This fixed the problem.  I believe the taxi has a shorter wheel base than other EZ Street vehicles.  The short wheel base aggravates the situation.

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