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FasTrack - Bumper for Handcar

I purchased an MTH PRR Operating Handcar (seen here:  and I (and my 2 year old son) love it.  We've only been using it on the loops we've built and occasionally will use our finger as a bumper to reverse the direction.  I'm looking at putting up a point to point section of track for this to bounce back and forth on, like a trolley. It's worth noting that I only have Lionel Fastrack (and a lot of it), but I don't have any bumpers.


My question: Is there a Lionel Fastrack bumper that is recommended?  It appears that the FasTrack Lighted Bumper is a bit fragile (from what I've read) and may not be intended to actually be used as a bumper (more for aesthetics, then function).  Seen here:


There's also a FasTrack Earthen bumper, but it doesn't look like that will work because the reversing button/switch on the Handcar needs to be pushed past/inside of the 'flush' line of the outside (non-movable) bumpers on the car.  The Earthen bumper is pretty flat across, so it won't push the reversing button far enough before hitting the car bumpers.


I'm trying to avoid either fabricating something or buying a different kind of track.


The older style spring loaded bumpers (seen here: Diecast Metal Bumper  seem to be when I need, but they are not designed for FastTrack.


Any advise would be appreciated.



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