February Atlas O Announcements - Orders due on SWs today - 2/9/16

Atlas O announced the SW diesels again. This time they're offering some road names that are more broadly modeled in hopes that that gets the pre-orders coming in so these will get made. They're also offering 2 road names for most diesels.....

In addition, they are announcing 40' Double Door Box Cars and the War Emergency Hoppers including four new road names. As in the past, if you order all four road numbers for one road name in the WE Hoppers, I will rebate you an additional case discount of $20. With my discounts, these cars are about at the price I paid Bob Thatcher for mine some years ago - so they are a good deal!!!

Atlas also announced a couple of 2 packs of 20' Containers that they will be shipping NEXT MONTH so get yours ordered - its likely they didn't order enough. They also make great stacks around your yard.

Thanks Atlas O - very good set of announcements!

PS - I also have all of the 2 Rail Versions loaded on my website - you can find them there.....



CottonBeltMKTRaritanRiverSantaFeSPSW-9 CNSW-9 IHBSW-9 RI



40' Double Door Box Cars:



War Emergency Hoppers:

20' Container NYK20' Container Triton


20' Containers:



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