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First Try at model building

Grandpa is in the process of trying to duplicate a building from an old family business for my grandsons layout.  The building picture is the basis, minus the Christmas decor, for this project.  I have completed the front facade and am in the process of printing the sections.  The sides are standard block and there is going to be a rail loading dock in the back.  (I have deleted a section off of each end of the building to get the size necessary for the layout).  The next major design process is the front signage which is coming along slowly but I am getting the process down pretty well in fusion 360.  The easy part of this so far has been acquiring the forty foot refer cars with the "Boote" logo and paint.  I now have enough to make a consist for my old Lionel scout which I got rebuild.IMG_0093IMG_3756IMG_3757IMG_3758

My question to some of the master builders in this forum is;  How do I paint this without making a mess?  I do have some printer rejects to work with.

The foundation is cement so the color is fairly simple.

The  three soldier courses around the perimeter and separating each section are:  Tan, light reddish, Tan.

The brick of the the windows and around the doors are;  a reddish brown.

Mortar joints, gray

The window and door frames are an aluminum coloring.

Never done anything like this before so any suggestions on how to go about painting this without making a complete mess would be greatly appreciated.


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