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Reply to ""flip flopping" a switch"

Big Jim posted:
Big_Boy_4005 posted:

 Sorry Tom, but a spring switch isn't going to work for this one, as there is no loop in the track plan. The shape is a "Y".

Sorry Big Boy 4005,
It will work exactly like Tom said! No electrics needed!!!

At least one of us doesn't understand the problem. A spring switch is always going to send the trolley on the same route. There is no way to make it alternate routes as the OP requested.

This is NOT a trailing point problem, this is a facing point problem, and a spring won't solve it.

I know what a spring switch is, and have a bunch of them on my layout, and they do what I want them to do, but this isn't it, unless I don't understand the problem. Tom's description of a spring switch is fine, but it is not the solution here.

Please read the original post again.

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