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One component which may come into play for this specific application is a dual-coil latching relay.  That is, when the trolley enters the A path, the insulated rail triggers the "set" coil.  When the trolley enters the B path, the insulated rail triggers the "reset" coil.  The output of this relay is then used to select which switch machine is fired when the trolley is in the C path.

While latching relays are only a couple bucks they require soldering and such; when mounted on a module with screw-terminals the off-the-shelf versions are $10 or more.  One technique is to take advantage of the insanely low priced eBay relay modules and wire these non-latching relays into a latching configuration.  I show this in this OGR thread with a related though not the same application.

Here's a pic from that thread.  I believe you can do your specific application with the components shown below.  No soldering required!   One idea is to include a bypass switch to force the trolley to ONLY use the A or B path...rather than alternating A or B.

latching relay hack

Exactly! Thanks Stan, I was even thinking of that specific relay module and power supply for this.

I am sorry but I am a little confused. How does that relay alternate between A and B? Every time the trolley lands in C triggers the relay, I don't understand how to make it bounce between the two routes. If you can explain I would be grateful.


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