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Reply to ""flip flopping" a switch"

Big_Boy_4005 posted:
Arnold D. Cribari posted:

Stan, are you Stan Roy who was featured in the McComas and Tuoy 6 video set, and who had the record for simultaneously running the most O Gauge trains (maybe 27)? 

I can't help but think that you are because of your knowledge about relays. Arnold


An interesting question Arnold. You must then know that I once tried to challenge that record, if you remember volume 6. If you don't, watch it again.

Of course I remember that, Elliot. I believe you said on that Entertrainment video that you were up to between 15 to 20 trains running simultaneously, and you warned Stan that you were going for his record. 

Earlier this week, on another Forum thread, I mentioned that you said on that video how trains kept you out of trouble when you were a teenager, while others were getting into trouble.

What I remember most, Elliot, is the sheer joy for trains that you expressed on the Entertrainment video, which you continue to express on this Forum. That joy is infectious, bringing much joy to our Forum friends and many others who saw, and continue to see, the trains you run. Arnold


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