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gunrunnerjohn posted:

I'd like to know what dehumidifier you have that has lasted 20 years, I want one of those!

Since you asked...I checked.

It's a Whirlpool 25-pint dehumidifier purchased in July 1998...nearly 21 years, in fact!  We bought it from Home Depot.  Set it at 60%.  Right now not running because....

The other dehumidifier says the basement is currently at 53% RH (Unlike the old Whirlpoot, this one has a digital readout for setting/reporting).   That dehumidifier was purchased about 5 years ago.  It's a 70 pint Soleus purchased from Menards.  

As I mentioned, the original Soleus had a manufacturers recall.  It was working fine at the time, but the mfr wanted us to pull the plug and send us a replacement...which we did.  

The Soleus replaced an old Sears 25-pint job.  It must have been part of the majority population of room lived not quite as long as most pooches.  

But it got me thinking...  Basically a dehumidifier has a refrigeration unit/coil, and that's what gives up after a while.  I'm no appliance repairman, so I don't know the nitty-gritties about the forensics of deceased dehumidifiers.  But, I do know that back in the mid-1930's General Electric sure knew how to make a refrigerator that lasted!!  Mom & Dad bought a GE refrigerator that was similar to this one...

4609 fridge

It worked quietly and without a single problem for all its life.  When we kids sold the family home, it was in the basement....moved there from the kitchen after the family's daily needs outgrew its capacity.  It dutifully was cooling Mom's dampened laundry (she said it helped make the ironing easier (???). and kept Dad's beer supply at the ready....among other things!  We sold the house in 1985.  It was still working 50 years later.  So GE, apparently, back then knew how to make a refrigeration unit that lasted!!!  It would seem for the popular reputation of small dehumidifiers that something was lost in the translation through the years?

FWIW, always.



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