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Reply to "FPV Project: Almost like driving a real train!"

In the evening, I received my packages from UPS (a bit late). Because of the batteries, there was a nice label on the side of the package that had the delivery guy a bit cautious. Rightfully so as Lithium Polymer batteries are dangerous if they get mashed!



So now, we open up and make sure everything survived their half-world journey.


Everything good, we tear into the rest of the boxes and read the instructions. Most were decent documentation, but still lacked some finer points. Like what does switch position 8 do on the transmitter.


The wiring took a moment to identify which connector was what and where to apply the power. That was easy. Plugging the harness in was a little difficult on the transmitter. Power was simple enough and was really the only part that required soldering.



After connecting everything wrong (Twice! Upside down plug), the resilient electronics sprang to life rewarding me with a stretched view of myself.



After a hard day prototyping and test fitting the camera and verifying electronics, its now 3AM and my shift ends in an hour. Time to clean up this mess, recharge the LiPo cell and put it in a safe place.



Tomorrow begins the actual outfitting and fabrication of the camera mount that will hold the camera in place.


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