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Reply to "FPV Project: Almost like driving a real train!"

Next day starts off me getting mad and punching out a window. I then replace it with a power switch to disconnect the battery while it is not in use.





Electronics mounted and ready for a spin around the test track at work!






Silliness aside, I make a battery holder out of one of the unused dowel sections, and mount it inside the shell. As you can see, the shell adds a bit of masking. Yes I realize the headlights are shining through.


The camera tracks through the turns, but it does not see out the window well enough to see the track. I am going to see how fixed to the roof of the cab looks.


Other notes:

The RF signal is not as stable as I had been promised. Even at 200mWatts, there should be next to no interference at such close range. My own body seemed to distress the signal at some points.


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