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Reply to "Front end Friday....."

I believe this is my first ever entry on this thread.

Photos of the "front"  of my Tri-Rail Cab Car stopping at the commuter station, and two shots of my New Jersey Transit ALP-44 ferrying its passengers along.  These shots were taken last weekend on my FCMTS club modular layout inside the store bay that we rent at a local mall.

OGR FCMTS Tri-Rail 01OGR FCTMS NJ Transit Alp-44 01OGR FCMTS NJ Transit Alp-44 02


Images (3)
  • OGR FCMTS Tri-Rail 01
  • OGR FCTMS NJ Transit Alp-44 01
  • OGR FCMTS NJ Transit Alp-44 02
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