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So, what train would Mickey Mantle take in 1951 from Oklahoma to New York to begin his rookie season?

Could it have been the Broadway Limited arriving at Penn Station?

If so, may be that train was led by this engine, almost as powerful and fast as Mickey:

3BC85D2A-3113-475C-A9EB-B39EEA7E4F19F0DF55E5-CF9D-44D1-BE0A-6C88F290D43FNow, Joe DiMaggio around 1936 might have taken this train from San Francisco to Chicago:

1396E507-52A9-400F-B610-4F70C77EA65FAnd in Chicago, Joe might have hopped on this train to Penn Station:A4C0D875-426F-43D1-9613-314DF5730BA0Or, maybe Joe took this train to Penn Station:


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