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FS: Lionel Scale Polar Express Tender/Cars

PRICE UPDATE: 4/24/2021

For Sale are Lionel Scale Polar Express Legacy Railsounds Tender and SCALE Heavyweight Passenger cars from 2010-2011! (Baggage, Abandoned Toy Car, Two Add-On Coaches, Coach/Observation Set) Most of the cars are in good condition with some minor scratches on the roof's which photos have been shown! Baggage Car and Abandoned Toy car lights never came on from day one out of the box! I am willing to sell cars individually but should you want to bundle them all together I am willing to make a price to sell as bundle!

Prices are below! email for more information!

Lionel RS Scale Polar Express Tender 6-11151- $300+ Shipping

Each Polar Express Scale Car- $125 each + Shipping (email for bundle deal)

Polar Express TWO Pack- $200+ Shipping

Thanks for Looking!



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