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Reply to "Gargraves with Postwar 497 Coal loader"

Thanks for the reply, I think being in the general forum helped garner additional views/response,

I was indeed wondering if the Gargraves UCS, would be that simple to solve this, I do have it laid out currently in FT and then transitioning to the tube track.  I'm also wary of modifying the 497 in ways I might not be able to undo.   Also on the layout, I do realize the 497 is not located in a good spot yet.

I made my layout in RR Track in Gargraves, after I noted that I'm already using FT and Tubular in spots, and I want to use the Gargraves Gantry track and I have the Atlas turntable and roundhouse.... so rather than use 3-4 different track types, I could actually do this all in GG or GG/Ross.

Would require me to sell my FT, including the 16 or so O-36 Command Turnouts I acquired, in order to fund.  Plust the FT O-60 Turnouts have been nothing but a problem, trains blowing through with out turning, or derailing/splitting the front and backs each taking a different path....  bought some from a LHS, and from TW, nothing but problems all of them, no matter the tinkering I've tried so far, (Posted about it last year).

Still debating whether I want to use the GG turnouts, or use Ross. (Some pros and cons in wiring/automation and cost etc.)
I do have a mix of Ross 54 and 63 turnouts, which would still require me to use at least some of the Ross switches even if I did use mostly GG.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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