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Reply to "GG-1 Warped Power TRuck Frames"

gunrunnerjohn posted:

To add to Bob's comment, Lionel has already stated they are having no part of this issue, and there are no CAD files available.

These are falling apart from using bad metal, not hard use right?

Woofchamp posted:

If someone can get the CAD files from Lionel, I can have the parts metal 3D replacement parts printed.  I'll put 'woofchamp replacement parts' on the bottom so Lionel doesn't get upset.

I have four GG-1's, one runs and the other three have five bad truck frames, the best I can do is get one more running.  Lionel knows this is a problem, yet they refuse to make replacement parts available.  In this day and age with all the available technology, the only reason these parts warp is the manufacturer cut some corners.  If Lionel won't share the CAD files, I can scan one in, but it will cost extra.  TrainZ offered one on Ebay a few years ago for $100.00 plus S&H and it sold within hours. 

I think I can sell at least 100 on the first run and can produce more as requested.     

Any suggestions or input?  You can contact me at (M) 248-310-6526 or

Looks like 100 would be on the low side!

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