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Reply to "GGD Amtrak Heritage Cars"

I would personally want cars in the Heritage Fleet.  To be clear, the Heritage fleet is a formal designation for select cars that were rebuilt with HEP starting in 1977 and completed by the mid 80's.  The last Heritage cars were retired in 2019. For me the interest would be the following in the order of importance to me:

  1. Baggage Dorm - A missing link car for me in Amtrak
  2. Diner - these were painted in Phase III, IV and VI paint.
  3. The Slumbercoach - already offered awaiting production for Phase III paint.
  4. 11 Bedroom Sleepers
  5. 10-6 Sleepers
  6. Baggage Cars - also painted in Phase III, IV and VI paint although the last ones to run were converted from coaches.
  7. Hi Level Transition Coach Dorm
  8. Hi Level Coach
  9. Hi Level Lounge
  10. Hi Level Diner
  11. Budd Lounge - I have a 2 rail one to rework on so not high on my list.

The Hi Level cars were former El Cap cars.  When I was riding the Southwest Chief the Coach Dorm ran in every consist with Superliners and the train pulled the occasional Coach, Lounge, or Diner prior to the delivery of Superliner II cars. 

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