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Reply to "GGD Amtrak Heritage Cars"

Again to clarify, the Heritage Fleet is a specific set of Amtrak cars that were upgraded to head end power and had other rebuild work done to retire the remaining steam heated cars they had in the fleet from predecessor roads.  The Heritage Fleet was mostly painted in Phase III, IV and some in phase VI paint while some of the early rebuilds were in Phase II paint.

The only true Heritage Fleet car GGD has done was the Big Dome in Phase III Paint. 

GGD Amtrak cars done to date include the following:

  • Pullman Standard smooth side 4-4-2 & 10-6 Sleepers
  • Pullman Standard smooth side coaches
  • Various builders "finish sets" based on the cars from the B&O Columbian that included an observation, diner, baggage car, and baggage dorm (this is a really rare set I'm not sure how many were made or if it was even made - I just did the drawings for it)
  • Budd Slumbercoach
  • El Capitan with 72' baggage and 85' Budd hi-level / low-level transition baggage dorm.  The baggage was not made available as a separate sale car.
  • The just delivered Amfleet and Viewliner cars.

Upcoming GGD cars include:

  • Budd Heritage Fleet Slumbercoach - Phase III Paint
  • Former SP 3/4 dome in phase I paint.

Locomotives done in Amtrak include:

  • The FL9 in late Phase III paint
  • E8/E9s in Phase I (A units only)

While I wish I could say I have an example of all of these, I had to skip out on the dome cars as they were out of my budget, and I didn't get the "finish" set for the Pullman Standard cars as I honestly was looking for Budd cars at the time.  On a lighter note, I have been reorganizing my collection so that all my passenger cars end up in the same closet and can't find my Slumbercoach ... I know it is my house, but where is a really good question now!

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