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Reply to "GGD Amtrak Heritage Cars"

Pretty much any product GGD makes needs a wave of support.  There is obvious interest in Amtrak rolling stock based on Amfleet and Viewliner production.   

The Atlas Zephyr cars in Amtrak are very nice. I own a lot of them.   But early Amtrak consists generally had a mix of equipment from various railroads.  The nostalgia of it is the mix.   A pure CZ consist was not the norm on the San Francisco Zephyr or any other long distance train.

I have three of the Atlas former Zephyr sleepers.  Nice cars, but I agree that it is all about the mix of cars.  What is interesting about looking at photos of the former CZ cars is that they retained their skirting into Amtrak.  Most cars had the skirting removed by then.  I am seeking a former CZ baggage.

I also have all but the observation dome from the scale K-Line offerings that included a 72' baggage, a diner, a 10-6 sleeper, a dome/lounge, and the observation dome.  Finally, while you have to get them as parts of two car sets, MTH outside of the colors did some really nice 72' baggage cars.  The later releases have really nice vesitubles.  I have a baggage / observation set.  I'd love to sell the non-scale 72' observation, but I suspect I won't get much for it.  Might just take it out into the desert and shoot it with a bunch of other low value cars I currently have taking up space.  These are all in Phase I paint.

I got a great price on Lionel's 21" dome car and they nailed the colors dead on for the exterior.  The interiors are blue which I think is not correct for Phase I Amtrak.  Unfortunately after doing a number search it is not a prototypical number either, but in my Amtrak world anything can go.  I wouldn't mind finding more of those cars. 

I also picked up 5 older aluminum 2 rail 85' scale Budd cars in Amtrak that need restoration.  I plan on three railing them.  One is set up to make a great Heritage Fleet lounge, while the others are all coaches that I will likely make two into Heritage Fleet phase III paint coaches and two in phase I paint to fill out my single level vintage Amtrak train.

Okay..the shooting my non-scale trains part was a joke .... seriously .... maybe ...

Back on topic, Scott has Amtrak's attention in doing scale cars so with our support I think we can expect to see some great announcements coming up.  I honestly can't say what, because I don't know exactly.

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