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Gilbert AF #300...

I just received this in yesterday's mail:


It's a very nice example of this iconic engine. I already had a 300, but this one was less than $30, so I figured "what the heck"?  This tender is simply stamped in (small letters) "Reading". My other 300 has the small "Reading" logo and "American Flyer" on its tender. So what's up with that? Both both have the link-type couplers.

Very much like my earlier model, this runs REALLY well: in fact, this actually runs a bit better: has a lower starting speed (about 4 volts) and is a quiet runner...which I like in my locos. 

My best guess is this is close to (or slightly over) 70 years old, and is another example of  (in some ways) the superior qualities of Post-War trains...

Happy Fourth to you and yours!

Mark in Oregon 



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