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GN 4-8-4 S-2 Northern engine colors? GN fans out there help?

I'm looking at painting an engine I got, or not. It is unpainted right now. It is a MTH version of the S2

MTH GN S2 4-8-4 engineering sample | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum (

See the source image

I can't help wondering about the colors. Except for a few, I thought most steam was painted black. I figure that maybe the GN painted these S2 colors and this is an as delivered scheme?

So my question is were these colors maintained until retirement? I searched a little and only found this

Great Northern Empire - Then and Now

the restored or should I say the preserved versions I've seen seem to have even lighter colors?

0666 GREAT NORTHERN 4-8-4 TYPE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE #2584, HAVRE, MT – North America By Rail

Is that just sunlight fading?

I found this in black and white

Great Northern 4-8-4 #2579 Class S2 | Built 1930 by Baldwin … | Flickr

Can you point me to where I can find more info?

Because of the vandy type tender and the style and details of the engine, I figure it should be kept in GN colors?? Are there other choices that would match the engine's details?

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