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Reply to "Has anyone found tall brick smokestacks in O-gauge/scale?"

Might look on the used market, in the mid-2000's, Lionel made an impressive industrial smokestack that worked (smoked) and had flickering LED's to simulate a glow of a fire and also aerial markers. I have one and it is nice. Surprised Lionel has not re-issued this accessory.  

Chuck, you are correct.  Lionel did make one (6-14142), although it depicts a metal smokestack, not brick.  I've seen a beautiful one at York by Harry Heike but it's ungodly expensive ($400 ).  I bought two for my Open Hearth but found they were too short.  So I acquired 2 more and used the middle section to make them taller.  They will go in my new (version 2) Open Hearth.  The "shorties" will also be used for other industries.  Below left is the Lionel image.  On the right is a comparison of the "shorty" to the "tall boy".


And below is a photo of my old (version 1) Open Hearth (stacks are normal size).




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