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Has Anyone Tried Repairing The Side Frames On New Menards Rolling Stock

I took the plunge and ordered some rolling stock for my grandson from the online Menards site.  Even without the rebate the price was attractive.    I got two boxcars, one hopper car and one flat car.  There was no damage, dents or anything off about the shipping boxes when they arrived. 

First the good news; they do look nice and the flat car seems to be okay.

However, the other three cars have issues with the trucks/axles.  On three of the cars some of the truck side frames that hold the axles are able to move and will freely wiggle.  This allows one axle to pop out of the side frame (always seems to be the axle farthest from the coupler).


I tried to tighten the screws that hole the side frames to the cross member, but they wont budge.



Has anyone successfully repaired these truck side frames before?

Also one coupler was loose in the box. 20200919_15441220200919_154436

I sent a note to Menards for the first two I saw and they sent me a Fedex label to ship them back.  Later I put the hopper on the track and found it had an axle popping out also.


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